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Home of the Authentic Grape Tomato and UglyRipe® Heirloom Tomato
UglyRipe® Hands


These wrinkly tomatoes may look ugly, but our delicious heirlooms taste like a hearty, beefsteak tomato is supposed to. We grow these tomatoes in the earth’s soil and sunshine because that’s how you get real, juicy tomato flavor.

UglyRipes are harvested vine-ripened with that vibrant crimson color inside, just like old-fashioned tomatoes. Slice an UglyRipe on a grilled hamburger or a BLT or a Caprese salad. Chop one in a fresh garden salad. Or eat UglyRipes whole, just like an apple — but make sure you have plenty of napkins handy.

And don’t worry about finding UglyRipes out of season: our fully integrated farming, packing, and distribution system guarantees a year round supply.

UglyRipe® Tomato

Nutritional Benefits